The Provisional agenda for the 62nd Session of the IHP Bureau is as follows:

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Adoption of the agenda and of the method of work
3. Institutional developments
a. IHP within UNESCO
3.1 Developments at the Natural Sciences Sector and the Division of Water Sciences following the 41st UNESCO’s General Conference, the 214th and 215th session of the Executive Board, and the preparation of UNESCO’s 42nd General Conference and the Programme and Budget 42 C/5
b. within IHP
3.2 Update on the process towards the operationalization of the IHP-IX established working groups
3.3 Water Sciences Division related extrabudgetary activities
4. Programme implementation
4.1 Implementation of IHP-IX
4.2 Regional perspectives on IHP-IX
4.3 Report on the implementation of the resolutions adopted at the 25th session of the IHP Intergovernmental Council
4.4 Report on the implementation of the recommendations of past Bureau sessions
4.5 Update on main achievements report of the eighth phase of IHP (IHP-VIII)
4.6 Cooperation with other UNESCO programmes
5. UNESCO Division of Water Sciences and the UNESCO Water Family
5.1 General update on water-related Category 2 Centres and UNESCO Chairs
5.2 World Water Assessment Programme
6. Relations with United Nations, Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
6.1 Relations with other UN agencies and programmes
6.2 Relations with intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations
6.3 World Water Development Report
6.4 IHP’s role in key international events and agendas, including the UN-Water Groundwater Summit and the UN 2023 Water Conference
7. Other matters
8. Closure of the meeting

Prof Mikoš and Prof Brilly are planning to attend the meeting as Observers to the 62nd Session of the IHP Bureau.

Documents discussed during the meeting are available on the web.