The IHP DANUBE cooperation is known to have a long tradition, and in this sense, in 2019 the IHP DANUBE started to give awards to the veterans of the IHP cooperation. As the funds are limited, the award is in the form of a certificate on the significant contribution to the work of the IHP DANUBE cooperation. Moreover, the nominees for the award could be exempted from paying the participation fee for the Danube conference. Representatives of National Committees may nominate one or two scientists who are retired (or will be retired soon) and who, in the past, contributed significantly to the IHP DANUBE cooperation.

During the XXVIIIth Conference of the Danube Countries on Hydrological Forecasting and Hydrological Bases of Water Management in Kyiv, Ukraine in November 2019, the following scientist were nominated and awarded:
− Petre Stanciu (NC Romania)
Ognjen Bonacci (NC Croatia) – Researchgate profileGoogle Scholar profile
− Stevan Prohaska (NC Serbia) – Researchgate profileGoogle Scholar profile
− Uli Schröder (NC Germany)

During the forthcoming conferences, new nominees are expected to be proposed by the National Committees.