The cooperation of the Danube countries within the IHP UNESCO framework is also based on (biannual) Conferences of the Danube Countries on Hydrological Forecasting and Hydrological Bases of Water Management. The aim of these conferences is to serve as a forum for discussion and exchange of views among the specialists involved. Below you can see a list of all conferences organised so far. In the right hand column you may find conference proceedings in pdf format as searchable document, or a link to a web page of the local organiser with conference proceedings .

Year Number Country City Conference Proceedings (click to get pdf)
1961 I. Hungary Budapest Vol.
1963 II. Austria Graz Vol.
1965 III. Romania Bucharest Vol. 1
1967 IV. Czechoslovakia Bratislava Vol. 1
1969 V. Yugoslavia Belgrade Vol. 1
1971 VI. Soviet Union Kyiv Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 & Vol. 3
1973 VII. Bulgaria Varna Vol. 1
1975 VIII. Germany Regensburg Vol. 1
1977 IX. Hungary Budapest Vol.
1979 X. Austria Vienna Vol. 1
1982 XI. Romania Bucharest Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
1984 XII. Czechoslovakia Bratislava Vol. I & Vol. II & Vol. III & List of papers
1986 XIII. Yugoslavia Belgrade Vol. 1
1988 XIV. Soviet Union Kyiv Vol. 1
1990 XV. Bulgaria Varna Vol. 1
1992 XVI. Germany Kelheim Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
1994 XVII. Hungary Budapest Vol. I & Vol. II
1996 XVIII. Austria Graz Vol.
1998 XIX. Croatia Osijek Vol.
2000 XX. Slovak Republic Bratislava Vol. I
2002 XXI. Romania Bucharest Link to Proceedings
2004 XXII. Czech Republic Brno Link to Proceedings
2006 XXIII. Serbia Belgrade Vol.
2008 XXIV. Slovenia Bled Link to Proceedings
2011 XXV. Hungary Budapest Link to Proceedings
2014 XXVI. Germany Deggendorf Proceedings
2017 XXVII. Bulgaria Golden Sands Electronic book
2019 XXVIII. Ukraine Kyiv Electronic book
2021 XXIX. Czech Republic Brno Electronic Extended Abstracts