The timeline agreed upon during the 2nd Extraordinary session of the IHP Council on 30 November-1 December 2020, for the next steps of the development of the IHP-IX strategic plan is as follows:

  • Until 4 January 2021:  Countries and partners to send their written comments/statements on the current 2ndIHP-IX order draft .
  • 4 -31 January 2021:  Task force, Experts of Members States in charge of the preparation of IHP-IX with the support of the Secretariat to produce a 3rd-order draft based on comments received;
  • 31 January 2021: Secretariat to send to countries and partners the 3rd-order draft of IHP-IX;
  • 1 -15 February 2021: Countries and partners to send comments on the 3rd-order draft of IHP-IX;
  • 22-24 February 2021: 3rd Extraordinary IHP council to discuss the IHP-IX 3rd-order draft;