UNESCO IHP and the UNESCO International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC) are proud to co-coordinate the UN World Water Day 2022 campaign together with UN-Water.

Groundwater, making the invisible visible Groundwater resources are the largest amount of freshwater resources on the planet. Out of sight, under our feet, groundwater is a hidden treasure. Groundwater may be out of sight, but it must not be out of mind! Our drinking water and sanitation, our food supply, and our natural environment all rely on groundwater. Groundwater is also critically important to the healthy functioning of ecosystems. Groundwater can play a critical role in adapting to climate change. We need to work together to sustainably manage this precious resource. Groundwater must be at the heart of sustainable development policymaking.
Protect and preserve- Human activities over-use and pollute groundwater in many places. What we do on the surface matters underground.  Groundwater needs to be used sustainably.
Cooperation – Groundwater crosses borders. We must work together to improve the way we share transboundary groundwater resources in a changing world.