World Water Day 2022 campaign “Groundwater: Making the invisible visible”.

UNESCO, together with its International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC), is coordinating the World Water Day 2022 campaign on “Groundwater: Making the invisible visible” on behalf of UN-Water; the campaign will remain active throughout the year 2022. The World Water Day, on 22 March,  is celebrated this year with a focus on groundwater, to draw attention to the hidden water resource that has always been critically important but not fully recognized in sustainable development policy-making. Under the title “Groundwater – Making the invisible visible”, this year’s campaign will explain groundwater’s vital role in water and sanitation systems, agriculture, industry, ecosystems, and climate change adaptation. The overarching message of the campaign is that exploring, protecting, and sustainably using groundwater will be central to surviving and adapting to climate change and meeting the needs of a growing population.

Please find attached the programme of the pivot event of the celebration in Dakar, which includes the “Pass the groundwater baton ceremony”, the High-Level Panel on Groundwater, and the Special Session on the Groundwater Catalogue, all taking place the 22 March.

Learn more about the World Water Day 2022 campaign here.

World Water Day is just one of the ways in which the theme of groundwater is being highlighted this year, below are a few groundwater-related activities in 2022:

  • 9th World Water Forum: “Water security for peace and development”
  • International conference: “Groundwater, Key for Sustainable Development Goals” 18-20 May
  • Water Decade, High-Level Water Conference, Dushanbe 6-9 June
  • High-level Political Forum (HLPF): Side event “Climate impacts from cryosphere to groundwater”  July 
  • World Water Week 29 August-2 September 
  • 77th United Nations General Assembly, agenda item “The Law of Transboundary Aquifers”: side event
  • World Toilet Day 2022 19 November 
  • UN-Water Groundwater Summit 6-8 December 

The full program of UNESCO activities during the Forum can be viewed here.

To virtually follow a selection of events to which UNESCO is contributing please register in this platform:

You are invited to visit the UNESCO webpage for more information on the 2022 UNESCO World Water day.
Please, read also the latest UNESCO presentation on Water-related activities.