Time table (CET): 9:00-10:45 conference, 15 minutes’ break, 11-12:45 conference, 12:45 – 13:45 lunch break, 13:45 – 15:30 conclusions

The provisional agenda of this working meeting is:

  1. Welcome addresses of the host country.
  2. Adoption of the agenda.
  3. Adoption of the minutes of the 29th Working Meeting.
  4. Annual report of the coordinator of the cooperation (Mr. Mitja Brilly).
  5. Election of next Coordinator of IHP DANUBE.
  6. Organization of the 29th Conference of the Danube Countries (Czech Republic).
  7. Adoption conclusion from virtual meetings of IHP DANUBE (Mr. Harald Köthe): New logo & update of the principles IHP DANUBE.
  8. Cooperation with other Danube associations (Danube Commission, ICPDR, Sava Commission, IAD).
  9. Updated version of the website of the cooperation.
  10. Awards for veteran members and young scientists of IHP DANUBE.
  11. Future regional hydrological cooperation of the Danube countries in the framework of IHP/UNESCO: Resolutions on upcoming IHP UNESCO Council meeting & IX IHP Programme.
  12. Status review of the ongoing projects.
  13. New project proposals.
  14. Date and venue of the 31st Working Meeting.
  15. Miscellaneous.
  16. Closure of the Working Meeting.

Soon, the details for the webinar (web address to connect) and working materials has been sent to all tentative participants per email.